SKORDLE Paydirt & Pick'm-Corner Logo

SKORDLE Paydirt & Pick'm-Corner Logo

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Corner logo for over 40+ hours of streaming on the SKORDLE Paydirt and Pick'm Shows.  Corner logos rotate on a 10 second in rotation with other advertisers. The corner fly in logo for all Paydirt and Pick'm shows.  Paydirt is every Friday night during the football season for 3 hours.  The Pick'm show is 1 hour in length and every week of football season.

Play Your Commercial and Corner Logo Fly-In On 12 Paydirt & 12 Pick'm  Shows

During 12 Paydirt shows and 12 Pick'm shows,  fly-in logo corner ad will play and be repeatedly displayed during each of the 3 hour long Paydirt shows and the 1 hour pick'm video podcast. 
  • Have your organization's logo repeatedly fly-in to the corner of the 12  Paydirt  Live Broadcasted shows and 12 of the 1 hour pick'm show
    • Provide your logo and it will fly-in to the bottom right corner all shows in a rotation with other advertisers. 

*You may email your commercial and logo to upon placing your order or you can upload them during the checkout process.  Jennifer will be reaching out to you within 1 business day from placing your order if you have not provided one or both of the advertising assets so that we may create them for you, gain your approval for use, and begin displaying them in the shows.